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BIOF-A Advance Series

Design beyond its class
Excellenat configuration
Modular design, customized on demand
Outstanding Manufacturing Process

Pursuit of excellence, never stop
BIOF bioreactor fermenter bioreactek

Comparable to BIOF-A series excellent workmanship
Classic design bioreactor easy to use, High efficiency, meets with primary lab requirements

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Our Products

We Understand Your Requirement And Provide Quality Products.

Dual-tank Bioreactor

BIOF-D Series

Classic design Dual-tank bioreactor fermenter, easy to use, High efficiency, dual-tank parallel control.

Advanced Bioreactor

BIOF-A Series

Advanced bioreactor fermenter which is really in high-end, can be extended to meets wide requirements.

Parallel Bioreactor

BIOF-M Series

Compact bioreactor fermenter, which can be easy to combine into 3, 4, 6 parallel reactors

Stainless Steel Bioreactor

BIOF-SA Series

Unique design of compact stainless steel fermenter, made a easy & convenient way for production.

Bioreactor technology

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Tank manufacturing

Stirring system

Auto control system

Electrodes detection

About Us

Bioreactek™ Labfreez® Group is a fast-growing laboratory equipment provider. Since its establishment in 2010, it has achieved good results in the field of laboratory equipment and equipment. Our company is an ISO9001, ISO14001 certified company, and our products are in the world There are stable customers all over the place.

In 2018 we started a new project bioreactor, we decided to make a different product in the market, by drawing on the successful experience of Sartorius, Applikon, NBS brands, and through the efforts of our excellent engineers, a new high-end and affordable product The fermenter came out. In 2022, we registered the Bioreactek™ trademark and started a new fermenter.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


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