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BIOF Series Stainless Steel Fermenter

Systems Description

BIOF-S fermentation system mainly includes tank body, pipe valve, air filtration system, temperature automatic control system, speed control system, pH online detection and automatic control system, DO online monitoring and automatic control system, automatic defoaming, automatic feeding, PLC centralized Control system, host computer control system, etc. Oil-free silent air compressor, automatic electric steam generator.

Design pressure 0.3 Mpa; body material: 316L stainless steel, jacket 304 stainless steel; with special sampling valve for fermentation tank, bottom discharge valve, with side large viewing angle mirror, 12V safety Philips lighting, with temperature, pH, DO , Defoaming port, acid and alkali replenishment port, inoculation port, replenishment port, air inlet, exhaust port, seed transfer port, liquid level electrode, defoaming electrode, etc.; internal polishing accuracy Ra0.4, external polishing accuracy Ra0. 6. All welds are firm, neat and beautiful.

Technical Specifications 

Item name Specifications
Capacity10 ~ 20000 liters
TankSterilization in place, design pressure 0.3 Mpa;

Body material: 316L stainless steel, jacket 304 stainless steel;

With special sampling valve for fermentation tank, bottom discharge valve, with side Large-view mirror, 12V safety Philips lighting, with Temperature, pH, DO, defoaming port, acid and alkali replenishment port, inoculation port, feed port, air inlet, exhaust port, seed transfer port, liquid level electrode, defoaming electrode, etc.;

Internal polishing accuracy Ra0.4, external polishing accuracy is Ra0.6, and all welds are firm, neat and beautiful.

Mixing systemServo motor, speed governor; continuous and stable, adjustable; control accuracy ±1%

Top-type mechanical stirring system, adopts special 316L stainless steel for stirring shaft, AD mechanical seal (a special mechanical seal system that can meet higher fermentation requirements);

Adopts adjustable 2-stage 6-inclined blade stirring paddle, 1-stage compression type high-efficiency Bubble paddle, 4-level detachable baffle;

Intake & filtrationDeep ventilation is adopted, with the maximum ventilation 1.5VVM;

Primary filtration, 0.01μm precision sterilization filter, fine filter selection of high-quality products, to ensure safety and independent sterilization, greatly extending the service life; annular gas distribution at the bottom Device

pH controlElectrode: Mettler high temperature resistant glass electrode

Control range: 2-12pH, display range: 0-14pH,

Control accuracy: ±0.02pH, resolution: 0.01pH;

Control: Intelligent PID control, abnormal pH value alarm, segment control, data can be uploaded to the host computer

DO2 controlElectrode: Mettler high temperature resistant glass electrode

Control range: 0-100%, display range: 0-200%,

Control accuracy: ±5%, resolution: 0.1%;

Control: Intelligent PID control, abnormal DO value alarm, data can be uploaded to the host computer

Temperature Control SystemElectric heating, water cooling, circulating pump temperature control, air escape function and water cut, over-temperature protection function, with good heat exchange efficiency;

Intelligent PID control not only ensures the rapidity of temperature control, but also realizes energy saving.

Temperature control: cooling water temperature +5℃-65℃±0.2℃, display temperature: 0-150℃±0.1℃ Fermentation process sequence control (set according to fermentation time zone, temperature automatic variable control, at least 10 sections)

Defoaming systemAntifoaming agent: flow addition by peristaltic pump

Highly sensitive defoaming electrode

Control method: time and proportion automatic control

Gas flow detection systemAir intake method: bottom annular gas distributor (enlarged aperture to effectively prevent foreign matter obstruction), controlled air intake system

Flow control: rotameter, Siemens module, MFC auto flow control is optional

Air filtration: pre-main pre-filter, secondary air inlet filter (the filter can be sterilized independently).

Fine filtration, the filter shell is made of 304 stainless steel, the filter element filtration effect can reach the sterile filtration level, the filter element material is hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene or other suitable materials, the sterilization filter has an online integrity test port, and each sterilization filter has an independent Online sterilization process.

Pre-filter, filter housing is made of 304 stainless steel.

Intake control: rotameter. The air intake pipeline has a diaphragm valve that can be manually opened and closed.

Check device: There is a check device to prevent the valve from being sucked back by materials.

Pressure display: displays the pressure of ventilation and sterilization process with an accuracy of 0.01MPa

Drainage: The filter is designed with a drainage device and has measures to prevent back suction.

Exhaust: The exhaust is manually controlled by a pneumatic diaphragm valve; the gas is filtered and discharged, and the filter shell is made of 304 stainless steel.

Sterilization requirements: Filters, inlet and exhaust pipelines can be steam sterilized online

Ventilation: Rotameter control, adjust and control the flow of each gas according to process requirements, the maximum ventilation flow is 2VVM. The air system consists of pre-filter, flow meter, air fine filter, diaphragm valve, and check valve.

Steam filtration precision: 1um.

* MFC Auto flow controlVogtlin mass flow controller: The mass flow controller is used to accurately control the air intake flow, and the air flow can be automatically adjusted according to the dissolved oxygen value.

Maximum design flow is about 2VVM, and the control accuracy is ±0.5%

Pressure detection systemDirect-mounted pressure gauge

Control method: Auto control

Pressure gauge auxiliary display, control range: 0-0.4MPa, high temperature resistant and high-precision pressure sensor is used to accurately detect the fermentation tank pressure, the regulating valve automatically adjusts the tank pressure. Pressure measurement range: 0-0.35Mpa, ±0.3%, control accuracy :±0.5%

Automatic feeding systemPID automatic setting control fermentation process segmented control (according to fermentation time, automatic variable control of feeding, at least 10 segments) feeding amount curve analysis adding amount cumulative display record data storage

Equipped with a complete replenishment system, the replenishment can be measured;

Number of peristaltic pumps can be selected according to needs, and conventional configuration is four.

The role of the peristaltic pump can be selected and set on the control interface, which makes the user more convenient and flexible in actual use.

Equipped with specially designed replenishment pins to ensure the safe operation of replenishment.

SIP systemOne-click fully automatic sterilization, including filters, tanks and pipelines. Sampling valve and discharge valve manual sterilization

Sterilization temperature: 100-130℃;

* Can lid liftingStainless steel guide rail, stepper motor
* Tank weighing systemThe weighing module is used to accurately measure the fermentation liquid with an accuracy of up to 0.1%
TransplantCan be transferred to the next level, using stainless steel valves and polished pipes;

The rationality of the design ensures the safe realization of the transfer

System equipped with valve pipelineValve material: AISI 316L, the valve in contact with the material adopts imported diaphragm valve

The pipeline is made of stainless steel with precision polished; argon gas shielded welding; meets GMP requirements

The stainless steel table frame is used, and the bottom is installed with pulleys for easy movement

* Automatic CIP Systemlye tank

hot water tank

Diaphragm pump

CIP Outlet Pump

CIP cleaning return pump

liquid level sensor

Temperature Sensor

conductivity meter

Manual butterfly valve

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Control cabinet


key components

Part NameBrandOriginRemark
pH electrodeHamilton/MettlerSwitzerlandStandard fitted
DO electrodeHamilton/MettlerSwitzerlandStandard fitted
pH signal transmission lineHamilton/MettlerSwitzerlandStandard fitted
DO signal transmission lineHamilton/MettlerSwitzerlandStandard fitted
touch screenMCGSWell-known domestic brandsStandard fitted
PLCSiemensGermanyStandard fitted
Thermostatic water pumpWILOGerman brandStandard fitted
Electric machineSEWGermanyStandard fitted
Frequency converterBOSCHGermanyStandard fitted
controlling softwareBioreactek™ChinaStandard fitted
The electromagnetic valveSanlixin/JulangZhejiang/ShanghaiStandard fitted
Pneumatic diaphragm valve, pneumatic angle seat valve, manual diaphragm valve, proportional solenoid valveBurkert/Gemi/DKGermany\ChinaStandard fitted
RotameterChengfengChinaStandard fitted
Filter cartridgeShanghaiStandard fitted
Pressure sensorBurkertGermanyStandard fitted

Paddle type (Optional)

Factory produced