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Details to pay attention to when working with fermenters

    In order to avoid accidents during the operation of the fermenter , the following 8 precautions have been organized, and the precautions for safe use of the fermenter have been confirmed.

    1.Regularly check the pressure gauge and safety valve. If there is any fault, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

    2. Fermentation production has the general characteristics of chemical industry production, and is prone to industrial accidents such as poisoning, corrosion, electric shock, burning, explosion, etc. If an abnormality or accident occurs during the operation, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the water, electricity, gas, and steam sources should be cut off. , report it for processing.

    3. Work clothes, shoes and gloves must be worn during the disinfection operation. When opening the valve, the side operation must be performed. The front or front valve seat cannot be used. It is forbidden to wrap the sleeves for operation to prevent burns.

    4. Check whether the direction of the valve of the equipment is correct beforehand, pay attention to whether there are other people or electrical equipment around the exhaust port, prevent steam, material liquid, and air from entering the bypass, open the valve, and discharge steam from the exhaust port, sometimes it is recommended to Unlock individually or with the relevant person.

    5. The canned glass must be protected during high temperature operation, and it is strictly forbidden to rinse cold soda or hard things to collide and break.

    6. All driving equipment shall not be touched with hands or other objects to avoid danger.

    7. In the process of application, the strict definition of pressure resistance of the pressure vessel should always pay attention to the change of steam pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to use overpressure, overtemperature, and high temperature empty tank cooling water at will, in order to deal with the unstable facilities caused by negative pressure failure of the steamer.

    8. The alkaline solution or water released due to accidents should be wiped in time, and the used feeding bottles and other items should be cleaned up in time.