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BIOF-M series Compact Glass Multi- parallel Bioreactor Fermenter

BIOF-M series Compact Glass Multi- parallel Bioreactor Fermenter



BIOF-M series fermenter is a classic series of standard fermenter system developed by Bioreactek for laboratory users. The entire BIOF-M series adopts the latest design language and modular design concept, which is suitable for the design requirements of multiple working conditions in the laboratory. The product absorbs foreign sophisticated design concepts, has a small size, and is painted in classic white, with a novel appearance and a great sense of design. The whole series adopts imported glass rotor flowmeter, imported peristaltic pump and bus control communication method, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

BIOF-M adopts a deep modular process design language, the tank body and the control host are integrated, and the overall space is small. All kinds of weak wires are short and easy to install, and can be quickly put into laboratory use. The compact size is especially friendly to female users. The modular design concept makes the BIOF-M series the best presentation system for multi-tank. By building blocks, it is easy to realize double-tank, triple-tank, quad-tank, five-tank and six-tank, and more The combined tank system can be used separately by users, or can be controlled and used in a unified manner, which is very adaptable to users and scenarios with different needs.

Since its launch, the BIOF-M series has gradually replaced the company’s previous models according to feedback, becoming the most popular single product series for clients.




Comparable to FAMOUS BRAND manufacturing process tanks

  • Derived from Sartorius, Applinkon tank design ideas, replaceable
  • Stable air tightness, convenient and quick disassembly and assembly mechanism, convenient for laboratory operation
  • Overall AISI316L stainless steel material, fine grinding, electrolytic polishing, the overall manufacturing process is comparable to the same imported products from abroad


Smallest BIOF-M Controller

  • Integrated independent tank cold water temperature control, condenser cold water temperature control
  • One of the smallest chassis in the industry so far
  • Glass rotameter can be upgraded from 2 to 6 channels
  • Built-in LF-Control V2.2 control software, which can implement online monitoring, recording and curve display

External OPC XML DA via Ethernet data communicatio

Multiple-tankS FermentEr

BIOF-M series has been deeply integrated with the module design concept from the beginning of its design. Its compact size makes it extremely easy to implement the combined tank control strategy. In the automatic R&D injection, the most advanced BUS wiring system is adopted.

Each product of BIOF-M series invests a local touch screen HMI, which is an independent fermentation tank that can be used alone. It is an on-site host system without HMI. Multiple units can be perfectly connected to a local HMI. Connected control, customers’ multi-purpose scenarios and adaptability have never been so easy.


Second Generation TOUCH HMI

Since the birth of the first-generation graphical interface, our company has received more and more customer feedback, and put forward many opinions on aesthetics and convenient use. Combining user feedback and abandoning the usual graphic interface design features of fermentation tanks, in 2022 Bioreactek cooperated with a professional graphic design team to create a second-generation graphic interface with great visual impact and practicality.

The second-generation graphical interface uses the latest instrument panel design language to comprehensively update the dynamic numbers and dynamic graphics that users care about most. Users can see the key data in the fermentation process at a glance by observing the digital dial without entering the secondary interface. For graphics, animations and dynamic presentations are made, which are more flexible and intuitive. Through the second-generation graphical interface, the user has a very accurate grasp of the parameters and status of the fermenter to make the fastest decision.

The graphical interface created by the professional design team has a great sense of design and practicality at the same time. Through the design, the data and operations that users care about are extremely convenient and easier to identify, which improves user familiarity and efficiency.

Main parts brand



1BasicŸ Full volume: 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L optional, no need to replace the controller

Ÿ Filling volume: Max. 80%

Ÿ Design pressure: Max 0.15Mpa

Ÿ Tank cover port: air inlet, four-in-one feeding port, temperature sleeve, cooling coil, PH/DO electrode port, feed port, spare port, exhaust gas condenser (removable)

1stirring systemŸ High precision and low noise servo motor, special mechanical seal

Ÿ Speed: 0 ~ 1200rpm ±1rpm

Ÿ Fifteen stages of speed regulation, the program sets the required speed of each stage

2Temperature Control SystemŸ Insulation blanket electric heating method

Ÿ 24V safe voltage

Ÿ Temperature control range Cooling water +5°C ~ 65°C±0.1°C

Ÿ Temperature sensor: imported PT100 platinum electrode (high temperature resistant quick release form)

3cold water moduleŸ Integrated BIOF-M controller control, independent module

Ÿ Communicate with the host PLC, the solenoid valve controls the on-off

Ÿ The cold water connector adopts imported self-locking quick interface, and the interface contains self-locking valve

4Foam systemŸ Defoaming paddle: mechanical defoaming paddle with rake compression

Ÿ Defoamer: added by peristaltic pump flow

Ÿ Highly sensitive defoaming electrode

5pH detection and control systemŸ Range: 2.00 ~ 12.00 pH, Accuracy: ±0.02

Ÿ Sterilization temperature: 0 ~ 130°C

Ÿ Control: LF-K integrated transmitter with filter, signal isolator, RS-485 communication

6DO2 detection and control systemŸ Range: 0 ~ 200%, Accuracy: ±0.1%

Ÿ Sterilization temperature: 0 ~ 130°C

Ÿ Control: LF-K integrated transmitter with filter, signal isolator, RS-485 communication

7BIOF-M controller, LF-Control 2.2 interfaceŸ 10.1 inch HMI touch screen, brightness>350 cd/㎡

Ÿ Siemens SIMATIC -Smart series original processor

Ÿ Low-voltage electrical appliances use internationally renowned brands such as Schneider

Ÿ Embedded LF-Control V2.2 embedded control software configuration to achieve local full operation

Ÿ FOA, PH, DO, T, etc. can realize automatic and manual control

Ÿ RPM, T, PH, DO2 curve display function, historical data recording and USB export

Ÿ Scalable: 2~4 channels of glass rotor flowmeter, balance, external peristaltic pump, etc.

Ÿ External OPC XML DA via Ethernet data communication

8Multi-tank expansionŸ Support 2~8 multi-tank expansion

Ÿ Support local HMI centralized control

Ÿ The tank connection adopts the network cable bus communication method

Other info
1air intake systemŸ Flowmeter: Rotameter imported from Dwyer in the United States, electromagnetic flowmeter is optional

Ÿ Filter: Saruorius high-efficiency sterilization filter, filtration accuracy up to 0.2μm

2samplingŸ Sterile sampling system, autoclavable

Ÿ Syringe negative pressure design, get rid of the trouble of easy contamination in the sampling process

Ÿ Dual design, users can also use traditional flame inoculation to inoculate

3Size (L*W*H)Ÿ Dimensions after assembly: 295*327*763mm
4power supplyŸ Input: AC110 ~ 240v/1.2kw

Ÿ Output: Motors, thermal blankets, peristaltic pumps and other power components use 24V safe voltage