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How can the fermenter mix the materials better?

    The fermentation tank uses mechanical stirring to stir the materials to generate axial and radial flow, so that the materials in the tank are well mixed, and the solids in the liquid are kept in a suspended state, which is conducive to the full contact between the solids and the nutrients and facilitates the absorption of nutrients; on the other hand, it can be Break the air bubbles, increase the gas-liquid contact area, improve the mass transfer rate between the gas and liquid, strengthen the oxygen transfer effect and eliminate foam. At the same time, sterile air is introduced to maintain the oxygen demand of the bacteria to meet the growth and fermentation of aerobic bacteria.

    The working principle of the fermenter is to use the rotor immersed in the fermentation liquid to rotate rapidly, causing the liquid and air to move to the outer edge under the action of centrifugal force, which will slowly cause the pressure near the rotor to increase, so the rotor of the fermenter rotor changed faster. Since the hollow of the rotor is connected to the atmosphere, the air outside the fermentation tank is continuously inhaled through the filter, and then thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and then the gas and liquid are evenly distributed and thrown out through the counter-rotating impeller. The stirring of the rotor makes the gas and liquid form a strong mixed flow around the impeller, the air bubbles are crushed, and the gas and liquid are fully mixed.