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How to eliminate the hidden danger of equipment contamination in glass fermentation tanks

    In the glass fermentation tank and its ancillary equipment, the air purification system, the temperature, pressure and flow control systems and the corresponding pipeline valves, any problems in any link may lead to fermentation failure. Therefore, enterprises should take precautions to eliminate various hidden dangers that may cause fermentation and contamination from equipment.

    Guaranteeing the tightness of the glass fermenter

    The glass fermenter is the main equipment for fermentation production. Before use, it is necessary to carefully check the glass fermenter, such as checking whether the stirring system rotates abnormally, whether the mechanical seal is tight, whether the screws in the tank are loose, whether the pipes in the tank are blocked, the interlayer or the inner plate of the tank Whether the pipe is leaking, and whether the tank connection valve is tight, etc.


    At present, mechanical seals are widely used in fermenters, which replace the previous form of packing seals for stirring shafts. However, if the installation accuracy is not high or the mechanical seal system selected is not suitable, shaft seal leakage will still occur, resulting in bacterial contamination. Therefore, pay attention to the alignment when installing the stirring shaft.


    Removal of the sight glass flushing pipe

    In order to facilitate the observation of the fermentation in the glass fermentation tank, a steam pipe for flushing the sight glass is generally set in the large glass fermentation tank. However, once the steam is condensed in the pipeline, the sterility of the condensed water cannot be completely guaranteed. Therefore, the steam pipeline for flushing the sight glass should be removed to reduce the hidden danger of bacterial contamination. If you can’t see clearly due to the fog in the tank, you can use a higher-brightness mirror light.