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Sensor detection technology


    Bioreactek provides users with a series of sensor detection systems specially designed for fermentation process monitoring. These products provide simple operation as well as precise process control. Unique in the bioprocess market for the flexibility and scalability of our sensing detection systems, a large number of intelligent and advanced sensors can be integrated to enable your process controller to provide optimal performance for your specific bioprocess.


    Our main technologies for fermentation process sensing and detection are:

    • LF-Control proprietary software monitoring and control technology
    • Original Siemens PLC
    • Stable and reliable brand sensor
    • Unique LF-PID optimization algorithm


    ► LF-Control dedicated monitoring software

    • LF-Control is a professional automation software for fermentation process sensing and monitoring, with independent intellectual property rights of Bioreactek
    • The software provides monitoring of the whole process of biological fermentation, including a series of biological processes such as pH, DO, defoaming electrode, stirring, etc.
    • Provide friendly platform and monitoring alarm system


    ► Original Siemens PLC

    Bioreactek insists on using imported Siemens PLC to ensure the stability and reliability of the underlying hardware. At present, the underlying hardware we mainly use includes 200 series and 1200 series full set of Siemens components.


    ► Reliable and stable brand sensor





    The fermentation process is a complex and time-consuming culture process, which relies heavily on the stability and reliability of sensors in the entire biological process. Bioreactek always stays in the industry to get the latest news and update the accessories cycle, providing our users with reliable process fermentation. Our preferred sensors are sourced from all over the world, working together to provide users with process stability and accuracy. The sensors we provide are mainly imported brands, including but not limited to:

    • PH sensor, autoclavable
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Exhaust gas analysis, including monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide in exhaust gas and software analysis
    • DO sensor, available with polarographic and optical electrodes
    • Other auxiliary electrodes for viable cell concentration, ORP, etc.


    ►Unique LF-PID optimization algorithm

    In countless experiments and explorations, Bioreactek engineers have summed up the optimal PID algorithm in the fermentation process. We are still insisting on optimization today. Our automation engineers aim to provide users with the most user-friendly and reliable data control and feedback.