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Fermentation automation control

    As the control system at the core of fermentation, over the years, we have recruited an excellent team of automation engineers and have been working on automation solutions. Applying the latest Industrial Internet of Things technology and Industry 4.0 control theory, the fermentation tank automation control system we developed can adapt to the latest trend of control methods. On the basis of providing users with reliable monitoring data, from the point of view of simplicity and ease of use, we The control system can provide users with more humanized and intelligent solutions.

    • Industry 4.0 IoT technology
    • BIOF-Control local control strategy


     Industry 4.0 IT technology

    After 2000, the biggest change in the field of industrial automation control is cloud control, which is realized through the method of Internet terminal + IoT hardware + local computer, the interconnection technology of industrial equipment. Our technical team also developed corresponding products in 2019, applied the latest IoT technology, and used Alibaba Cloud as a platform to provide users with a reliable and powerful IoT control system. Users can monitor, alarm and control the fermentation tank system through WeChat, Web pages and mobile APPs. Not limited by time and location.


    ►BIOF-Control local control strategy

    Bioreactek provides a powerful local control strategy, utilizing the latest technology capacitive touch screen HMI, to provide users with convenient and friendly operation. The touch screen BIOF-Control system, with powerful logic control capability, PID algorithm, and PLC control core, provides a user-friendly operation interface for the fermenter. The data of the fermentation process can be displayed on the touch screen to realize the common fermentation functions such as curve display, data recording, SP/PV display and input, and PID self-logic control. Provide USB data export, low voltage 24V safety protection.