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Tank manufacturing

    As the most direct mechanical part in the bacterial/cell culture process, the tank is the most important manufacturing part of the fermenter. The tank body of the fermenter must comply with the hygienic design, requiring no residue, no missing welding, no burr, and extremely high requirements on materials and manufacturing. At the same time, reasonable design can make the tank body more easy to process and meet the requirements. Bioreactek’s engineers have been working on designing great tank structures and have been building great tank processing teams. At present, we have a high-quality design and processing team in China, which can provide users with excellent tanks. The main features of our tanks are:

    • Learn from the mature design and production requirements of foreign counterparts
    • Excellent team of engineers
    • Proven processing partner


    ►Learn from foreign mature designs

    As a rising manufacturer, we are adhering to a sincere attitude to learn and learn from. As the well-known bioreactor manufacturers in the industry: Sartorius and Applikon, many of our tank design and manufacturing are derived from their past technology learning. Based on them, we constantly improve our product structure and design, but we resolutely put an end to plagiarism. With the continuous efforts of our engineers, we already have tank design technology comparable to that of our foreign counterparts.


    ►Excellent team of engineers


    Fortunately, Bioreactek has an excellent mechanical design team on the fermenter, they have senior engineers from famous universities and rich experience, and provide our users with excellent tank design in mechanical design. The main tools our engineers currently use are the 3D design software Solidworks, the CFD fluid simulation analysis software and the necessary mechanical software AutoCad.

    bioreactek tank design


    ► Mature processing partners

    Bioreactek’s current tank processing mainly comes from our partners, who have more than ten years of tank processing experience, providing mature and reliable tank manufacturing for our fermenters. Our current tank manufacturing:

    • Glass jar: Processed and manufactured in Shanghai, including accessories. Our drawings can guarantee the processing quality
    • Stainless steel tanks: An established tank manufacturer established in 1972, providing reliable tank quality