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How to maintain the fermentation tank?

    1.If there is gas leakage in the intake pipe or the exhaust pipe, and turning the head cannot solve the problem, it is necessary to add or replace the filler.

    2. Regularly check the pressure gauge and safety valve. If there is any fault, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

    3. When cleaning the fermenter, use a soft brush to brush your teeth. In order not to damage the surface of the fermenter, please do not wipe it with a hard container.

    4. The kit should be verified once a year to ensure proper use.

    5. Electrical equipment, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment are strictly prohibited from direct contact with water, steam, and moisture.

    6. When the equipment is stopped, it should be cleaned immediately, and the residual water in the fermentation tank and each pipeline should be discharged. Loosen the fermenter lid and spout screw to prevent deformation of the sealing ring.

    7. Carbon steel equipment such as operating table and constant temperature water tank should be painted regularly (once a year) to prevent rust.

    8. Always check the oil level of the reducer. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, increase it immediately.

    9. Regularly replace the reducer lubricating oil to prolong the service life.

    10. When the fermentation tank is not in use temporarily, empty the fermentation tank, and place the remaining water in the tank and each piping side by side.