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New BIOF-SA automatic series stainless steel fermentation tanks meet your pilot scale-up and small-scale production needs. Different tank capacity options from 10L to 2000L can flexibly cope with various small production scales. The tank body adopts products from domestic specially certified manufacturers to ensure reliable quality.

BIOF-SA automatic series fermentation tanks have a series of powerful functions to make users’ operations more convenient and efficient. Standard automatic sterilization technology ensures the hygiene and safety of the fermentation process. It comes standard with automatic tank pressure and tank lid lifting functions, eliminating tedious manual operations and further improving production efficiency. At the same time, the integrated tank bottom valve design eliminates the possibility of bacterial contamination in the user’s materials, making it safer and sterile, ensuring stable product quality.

In addition, BIOF-SA automatic series stainless steel fermentation tanks also support personalized customization to meet specific production requirements. Whether it is an upgrade to pharmaceutical specifications or an expansion of online testing capabilities, Bioreactek™ can provide tailor-made solutions. When you choose the BIOF-SA series, you choose excellent quality and efficient production. Let BIOF-SA series stainless steel fermentation tanks be the booster for your success!




Fermenter Specifications

Stainless steel tankTank size (L)10305010020030050010002000
Working volume(L)3-88-2412-4025-8040-16080-240100-400200-800400-1600
Inner tank materialAISI 316L/AISI 304L stainless steel
Jacket materialAISI 304L stainless steel
Manufacturing StandardsASME BPE-2019, PED welding standards
Polishing degreePolishing accuracy of surface in contact with material Ras0.4
Stirring systemStirring powerPanasonic servo motor/SEW reduction motor; PID control
Stirring speed20~800rpm ±1rpm20~600rpm






impellerInclined blade type/spiral type/paddle type/turbine type/propulsion type, etc.
Temperature controlTemperature control methodPT100; PID control; temperature adjustment is completed under the action of plate heat exchanger, electric heating jacket and cooling water
Heating formTemperature control jacket
Temperature control range5℃~60℃ above ambient temperature; display accuracy 0.1℃, control accuracy ±0.1℃
Detection probepHMETTLER TOLEDO/Hamilton

0~12, PID control, accuracy ±0.02

Completed under the control of acid/alkali peristaltic pump or CO₂ mass flow meter

DOMETTLER TOLEDO/Hamilton 0~200%, PID control, accuracy ±1%
Air supply systemflow regulationImported glass rotor flowmeter, Air supports additional CO₂/O₂/N₂ and multi-channel gas ventilation strategies, and supports upgrade to MFC thermal mass flow meter
gas distributorAnnular distributor/microporous diffuser
filter0.2μm coarse filtration, 0.01μm fine filtration, polytetrafluoroethylene;

Exhaust gas filter housing with heating blanket (optional)

Exhaust gas condenserAISI 316L/AISI 304L stainless steel
Feeding system (can be customized)peristaltic pumpStandard configuration: 4 high-precision flip-top peristaltic pumps; PID interlock control, feeding, acid, alkali and defoaming pumps; additional feeding pumps can be added
Interface (Customizable)interfaceMaterial liquid and gas inlet and outlet: inoculation valve interface, feeding valve interface (including off-position probe, four-valve group, etc.), online sampling port, bottom valve, surface vent, deep vent, safety bursting disc/pressure relief valve ;

Running status visualization window and searchlight

Monitoring probe interface: pH /DO / liquid level / pressure / foam, etc.


Key component brands

pH sensorMETTLER TOLEDO / Hamilton
DO sensorMETTLER TOLEDO / Hamilton
pH/DO signal lineMETTLER TOLEDO /Hamilton
controllerGerman Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 original series/PID program control
touchscreenHMI TPC10
Machinery SealBurgmann
peristaltic pumpBioreactek/Watson-Marlow
Feed bottleGermany SCHOTT
Glass rotor flow meterUnited States Dwyer
PT100 sensorGerman JUMO
Low voltage electricalSchneider
Manual/automatic diaphragm valveHebron/Gemü/Bürkert
Circulating pumpDenmark GRUNDFOS
Mass flowmeterSwitzerland Vögtlin
Stirring motorPanasonic Servo/SEW geared motor
The electromagnetic valveAirtac Airtac /SMC
trapSpirax sarco/TLV
Tank pressure sensor tank pressure regulating valveGerman BDISENSORS


Configuration and function expansion



The new generation of graphical interface applies data visualization design to observe and track data changes in fermentation experiments in real time. The dynamic parameters and status graphics that users are most concerned about are comprehensively updated and upgraded. Users do not need to enter the secondary interface. They only need to observe the digital dial to understand the key data of the fermentation process at a glance. At the same time, animation and dynamic demonstration of the working status of the tank are carried out to increase interactivity and intuitiveness. Through the system interface, users can accurately grasp the important parameters and status of experimental work, so as to quickly perform subsequent operations.

  • Important data dial display: Animated display of fermentation status such as stirring, heating, aeration, etc., allowing users to understand at a glance.
  • PV/SP values displayed on the same screen: Users can easily view and compare PV/SP values without switching screens back and forth.
  • Data export function: Alarm, correlation, audit, curve and other data can be exported to facilitate users to conduct data analysis and recording: supports setting administrator permissions to ensure data security. Supports switching between Chinese and English to meet the needs of different users.
  • One-button operation: One-button fermentation, one-button sterilization and tank lid lifting system and other functions simplify the operation process and improve user experience.
  • Customized design of parallel control system: supports arbitrary switching of multi-tank tanks, stage tanks, and single tanks, making it convenient for users to control with one click