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BIOF-SA New generation stainless steel bioreactor fermentor

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BIOF-SA New Generation Stainless Steel Fermenter

BIOF-SA series laboratory stainless steel fermenter is a special series specially developed by BioreactEK™ for laboratory users on the basis of the original B IOF-S standard series fermenter, which is specially used for the application scene of laboratory stainless steel fermenter. This series adheres to the design soul of “SMART – exquisite and intelligent”, and developed a standard equipment suitable for laboratory use, with a small footprint and flexible operation, and can meet most laboratory fermentation application scenarios. .

In order to realize the characteristics of small size and intelligence, the engineers made many bold attempts and applications in the overall design, including adopting the design idea of finishing the tank cover, introducing the overall scheme of the breathing filter in the pharmaceutical industry, absorbing and accepting the BioreactEK™ ultrafiltration pipeline. The design scheme of hygienic compact pipeline finally presents the design concept of “SMART”.

BIOF-SA series adopts a modular design, and the main circuit is made of hoses, which can realize the normal functions of the fermentation tank and the automatic sterilization function.

BIOF-SA series is suitable for use in the pilot scale of the laboratory. The overall matching and optional tanks are: 10L, 30L and 50L, and other tanks of various specifications can also be customized. For laboratory stainless steel fermentation tanks, BIOF-SA is undoubtedly an excellent choice for similar competing products in the current market.

Ÿ Tank cover and connecting parts are returned to the machining center for finishing, and the weight of the tank cover is reduced by 50% compared with the past

Ÿ Large-area tank body is manufactured by a qualified pressure vessel factory

Ÿ Overall AISI 316L stainless steel material, fine grinding, electrolytic polishing, the overall manufacturing process has fully surpassed similar competing products

Ÿ Imported high-precision flip pump, easy to use and strong stability

Ÿ Silicone tube floating saddle, stable delivery pressure

Ÿ FOAM , ACID, BASE, FEED four-way peristaltic pump, support for adding peristaltic pumps

Ÿ Creative and fully hidden design of the main power pipeline, installed on the back panel

Ÿ Optional steam temperature control method

Ÿ Overall modular, suitable for different tank requirements, the whole can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance

Ÿ Abandoning the traditional filter element, completely removing the biggest obstacle for automatic sterilization, the whole system comes standard with automatic sterilization

Ÿ Supports online SIP/CIP, 10 cycles of use @135°C , 60min

Ÿ TCP clamp connection, easy to replace

Ÿ Brand new second-generation graphical interface , leading the industry design

Ÿ Digital dynamic instrument panel, tank dynamics, process changes at a glance

Ÿ Made of stainless steel as a whole, in line with full-scene applications such as GMP centers

Ÿ Matching imported four-way peristaltic pump, glass rotor flowmeter

Ÿ Built -in LF-Control V2.2 control software, which can implement online monitoring , recording, curve display, automatic sterilization and other functions.

Ÿ Can be connected with OPC XML DA via Ethernet data communication

Since the birth of the first-generation graphical interface, Bioreactek™ has received more and more customer feedback, and put forward many opinions on aesthetics and convenient use. Combining user feedback and abandoning the consistent graphic interface design features of fermentation tanks, in 2022, Bioreactek™ cooperated with a professional graphic design team to create a second-generation graphic interface with great visual impact and practicality.

The second-generation graphical interface uses the latest instrument panel design language to comprehensively update the dynamic numbers and dynamic graphics that users are most concerned about. Users can see the key data in the fermentation process at a glance by observing the digital dial without entering the secondary interface. For graphics, animations and dynamic presentations are made, which are more flexible and intuitive. Through the second-generation graphical interface, the user has a very accurate grasp of the parameters and status of the fermenter to make the fastest decision.

The graphical interface created by the professional design team has a great sense of design and practicality at the same time. Through the design, the data and operations that users care ab out are extremely convenient and easier to identify, which improves user familiarity and efficiency.

Basic Information

  • Series: BIOF-SA series
  • Tank volume: 10L, 30L, 50L
  • Automatic temperature control: cooling water cooling, constant temperature water circulation heating system
  • Control system: embedded L F-Control 2.2 Control system
  • Multi-connection expansion: support 2~8 -connection multi-connection expansion

technical parameter

SNItem nameSpecifications
Tank related
1.Tank InformationŸ Full volume: 10L, 30L, 50L optional, no need to replace the controller

Ÿ Design pressure: Max 0.25Mpa

Ÿ Tank body: Inner wall: AISI 316L stainless steel, mirror-polished, Ra≤0.4; Outer wall: AISI 304 stainless steel, mirror-polished, Ra≤0.4; the whole tank system conforms to GMP hygiene requirements, no dead ends, and easy to clean

Ÿ Interface: air inlet, exhaust port, inoculation port (flame inoculation), feed port, discharge port (sampling port), four-in-one feeding port, pressure gauge interface, PH, DO, foam sensor interface, etc.

Ÿ The tank body is equipped with a large window glass side mirror and Philips mirror light, which can clearly observe the fermentation status

2Stirring systemŸ High precision and low noise servo motor, special mechanical seal

Ÿ Speed: 0~800rpm ±1rpm

Ÿ Fifteen stages of speed regulation, the program sets the required speed of each stage

Ÿ Special stirring paddle for fermentation: single-layer inclined-blade stirring paddle, flat-blade stirring paddle, replaceable designated stirring paddle

Control related
1.Peristaltic pumpŸ FOAM/FEED/ACID/BASE 4-way peristaltic pump

Ÿ Original imported flip peristaltic pump, quick connection, U.K. Watson-Marlow brand is optional

Ÿ Original silicone tube floating saddle, can stabilize pressure and improve life

Ÿ Peristaltic pump can realize: cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, speed adjustment, 100% adjustment, associated PID adjustment, manual control and other functions

2.Temperature Control SystemŸ Temperature online detection system: PT100 platinum electrode, PID control, with automatic temperature compensation function, matching stainless steel electrode sheath, stainless steel electric heating tube

Ÿ Range: 0-200°C Accuracy: ±0.2

Ÿ Automatic temperature control: cooling water cooling, constant temperature water circulation heating system

Ÿ Steam heat exchanger temperature control system is optional

3.pHŸ Range: 0.00~14.00 pH, Accuracy: ±0.02

Ÿ Sterilization temperature: 0~130°C

Ÿ Electrodes with stainless steel sheath

Ÿ Control: LN-K integrated transmitter, with filter, signal isolator, RS-485 communication

4.DO2Ÿ Range: 0~200%, Accuracy: ±0.1%

Ÿ Sterilization temperature: 0~130°C

Ÿ Electrodes with stainless steel sheath

Ÿ Automatic Control When cascading is enabled, it can be linked to one or more parameters such as agitation, aeration, feeding, etc.

Ÿ Control: LN-K integrated transmitter, with filter, signal isolator, RS-485 communication

5.DeFoam systemŸ paddle with rake compression

Ÿ Defoamer: added by peristaltic pump flow

Ÿ Highly sensitive defoaming electrode

6.BIOF-M controller
LF-Control 2.2 control system
Ÿ 10.1 inch HMI touch screen, brightness>350 cd/㎡

Ÿ Siemens SIMATIC -Smart series original processor

Ÿ Low-voltage electrical appliances use internationally renowned brands such as Schneider

Ÿ Embedded LF-Control V2.2 embedded control software configuration to achieve local full operation

Ÿ FOA, PH, DO, T, etc. can realize automatic and manual control

Ÿ RPM, T, PH, DO2 curve display function, historical data recording and USB export

Ÿ Scalable: 2~4 channels glass rotor flowmeter, exhaust gas analysis, online OD, external peristaltic pump, etc.

Ÿ External OPC XML DA via Ethernet data communication

7.Multi-connection expansionŸ Support 2~8 multi-connection expansion

Ÿ Support local HMI centralized control, support external host computer control

Ÿ The tank connection adopts the network cable bus communication method

Other information
1.Air intake systemŸ Air intake: air; quick release structure

Ÿ Imported U.S. Dwyer glass rotor flowmeter

Ÿ Sterilization diaphragm valve: air line sterilization design, with diaphragm valve control, complete sterilization of the intake line

Ÿ Annular gas distributor, optional microporous bubble distributor

2.Integrated air filterŸ The air filtration adopts an integrated filter, the filtration precision is 0.2μm, and the filtration area is 0.15㎡

Ÿ Support online SIP/CIP, support GMP certification documents, integrity test

3.Pipes, racksŸ Valve material: AISI 316L, the valve in contact with the material adopts imported first-line brand diaphragm valve

Ÿ The pipeline is made of stainless steel with precision polishing; argon shielded welding; in line with GMP requirements, including material pipeline system, air pipeline system, rough steam pipeline system, fine steam pipeline system, seeding pipeline system, water system, Auxiliary pipelines; related valve pipelines meet GMP hygiene requirements

Ÿ Adopt stainless steel hanging bench, with pulleys installed at the bottom, easy to move

4.power supplyŸ Input: AC110~240v/6.5kw

Main Components brand

Item NameBrand
PLC ControllerSiemens SMART
Touch screenMCGS
Machinery SealUK JOHN CRANE
Peristaltic pumpUK BOXER
Refill bottleGermany SCHOTT
RotameterAmerican DWYER
PT100 sensorJUMO, Germany
Low voltage electricalSchneider
Automatic Diaphragm ValveHEBRON
Air filterCOBETTER
Circulating pumpDenmark GRUNDFOS