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Stirring System

    As the most basic design part of the fermentation tank, the stirring and mixing system is an important part of the continuous and stable cultivation of the fermentation process. For different viscosities and different fermentation strains, Bioreactek engineers have designed a variety of fermentation and stirring systems for users. The user’s complex system, our fermentation stirring technology has been proven to be extremely reliable under different extreme working conditions.

    Bioreactek’s fermenter stirring and mixing system is mainly composed of a stirring motor, a linkage fast split structure, a coupling, a mechanical seal, a stirring shaft and a stirring paddle. The mixing system designed by our company is not only stable and reliable, but also has the characteristics of maintaining continuous hygiene and reliability after the vibration experiment verification:

    • Stirring motor: using mature and reliable precise servo system
    • Adopt imported well-known brand mechanical seal to ensure no leakage
    • Stability test to ensure the stability of the operation process

    Different forms of stirring paddles

    Standard Universal StirrerPropellerCurved blade disc paddleInclined blade disc turbine impeller
    Domestic fermentation standard general-purpose stirring paddle, the disc of the stirring paddle can block the rising bubbles, so that the gas in the tank can be well distributed, the six straight blades have good output power and stirring effect, and are suitable for most Newtonian, non- Fermentation culture of Newtonian fluids.The liquid in the tank is advanced from bottom to top, forming a spiral flow, with good mixing effect and low shear force; but the gas dispersion effect is not ideal. It is suitable for fermentation culture with high viscosity and poor circulation.The improved type of standard general-purpose stirring paddle reduces the shearing effect of the stirring paddle, and the mixing effect is slightly worse than that of the standard stirring paddle. It is suitable for low-viscosity and shear-sensitive bacterial fermentation culture.Similar to the standard stirring paddle type, it has good stirring effect and gas distribution effect, but the curved blade has a stronger output power effect than the straight blade, so it is suitable for fermentation culture with high stirring and mixing requirements.